3 new coaching jobs available! Are you a prospective student or coach and interested in getting your name on this board? Follow this link to the job board submission form!

Looking to Coach

Name: Rebar Niemi

Location: Washington/ West Coast

Job Description: I have taught @ NSD and TDC in the past. I have coached TOC qualifiers and TOC outrounds participants and once was one myself. My interests are: identity politics, “high theory,” and what debate can be as a liminal experience. I believe that good debating ultimately is practice for being a good person and sorcerer in your own life. I typically under charge but am sort of picky about what kind of debater I’d like to work with. Although I can be convinced by sufficient passion. If you are interested in discussing terms further or contacting me: rebar.niemi@gmail.com

Name: Daniel Selman

Location: Alabama

Job Description: I’m Daniel Selman. I debated for four years at Vestavia Hills High School, qualifying my senior year and finishing with a winning record at TOC. I am about to begin my sophomore year at the University of Alabama. I’ve worked at NSD and SNFI the last two summers. I’m open to coaching individual students or teams. Last year my students reached outrounds of Valley, St Marks, Ohio Valley, Isadore Newman, Emory, and Vestavia Hills, attaining bids at Ohio Valley, Isadore Newman, and Vestavia. I’m the man for the job if you’re looking for a coach to help with strategic casing, framework, tricks, and theory. Pricing is negotiable. I’d also be down to fulfill judging obligations and do onsite coaching at tournaments as well. Email me at dhselman@gmail.com if you have any questions or want references from prior students.

Name: Regan Grishaber

Location: Illinois

Job Description: Some background about me: I debated LD for 2 years at Aliso Niguel High School in California, starting my junior year. My senior year I earned 6 bids to the ToC between Harker, Bronx, Meadows, Lexington, VBT, and Berkeley. Most notably, I championed Harker, reached finals of VBT, and concluded my career in semifinals of ToC. I have worked at debate camps for the last three summers now and believe I have the qualifications and experience necessary to improve any debater to the highest level of competition. I also believe that my late start with debate makes me an ideal coach for debaters who feel they have limited time and are seeking immediate success. Job responsibilities are negotiable; in the past, my coaching has consisted of writing/editing cases and blocks, doing drills via Skype, and generally providing strategic advice. I’m also available to travel throughout the year to various tournaments to fulfill judging obligations and provide additional on-site coaching.  Lastly, price is certainly negotiable. Please contact me if you’re interested or have any questions—my e-mail is regangrishaber@gmail.com. Thanks!