Dear Colleagues,

We are excited to announce and extend invitation to the second annual Loyola Invitational to be held September 12-14th at Loyola High School. This year’s tournament will host a Varsity Lincoln-Douglas division and has been designated a semifinals-bid qualifier to the Tournament of Champions. Registration will take place on 

Following the tournament, we will host a three-round novice and JV opener on Sunday afternoon for both policy and LD debate. Teams are encouraged to bring their first- and second-year students to watch the varsity debaters and then get their own experience debating the new topics 

We hope you can join us to kick off another great season!

Entries and Judging

Teams may enter up to six varsity LD debaters and as many novice and JV participants for the Sunday tournament as they can provide judging for. The VLD entry fee is $65 per debater. The NLD/JVLD fee is $20 per debater, and the NCX/JVCX fee is $30 per team. The deadline for drops is September 9th. 

Teams entering up to three debaters should provide one qualified judge. Teams entering four to six debaters should provide two qualified judges. Judge preferences will be open on a few days before the tournament. 

Hired judging will cost $150 per uncovered obligation or $30 per missed/uncovered round. 

3rd year varsity debaters can judge the novice divisions in policy and LD; 4th year varsity debaters can judge the JV divisions in policy and Lincoln-Douglas. Adults with some judging experience will be allowed to judge in both novice and the JV divisions, and a judge workshop will be offered Sunday morning. For the JV/novice tournament, there is no hired judging so please make sure you can bring enough individuals to cover your team’s commitment. 

Format and Rules

LD rounds will follow a 6-3-7-3-4-6-3 format with four minutes of prep time per side and will debate the NFL’s September/October resolution.

Six prelim rounds with two presets and four power-matched rounds will be held. All 4-2s will clear. We will use a 30-point speaker scale allowing for a tenth-of-a-point differences. We encourage disclosure of decisions and oral reasons for decision. 

More information for the attendees of the JV/novice tournament is forthcoming, and the format will be similar to last year’s opener.

Register for the Loyola Invitational here