Congratulations to Byram Hills’s Amos Jeng for winning Beltway, defeating Cypress Bay’s Jake Steirn in the final round on a 2-1 decision (Amey, Emily Massey, *Millman). Amos is coached by Ben Koh, Janna White, and Ben Ulene. Jake is coached by Bob Overing, Grant Reiter, Robbie Steirn, and Megan West.



Byram Hills AJ vs Independent JS (Amey,  Millman, Massey)


Del Mar KK (Aff) vs Byram Hills AJ (Neg) (Massey, Reiter, Amey)

Independent JS vs Harrison EA (Massey, Ulene, Koh)


Byram Hills AJ v Hunter College SC (Reiter, Amey, Cha)

Del Mar KK v Scarsdale DW (Moerner, Koh, Jonathan Massey)

Cypress Bay JS v Bronx Science JS (Pregasen, Millman, Emily Massey)

Harrison EA v Harrison KK


Byram Hills AJ def Hunter College NP (Millman, Reiter, Lutfy)

Bronx Science JS def Byram Hills SC (Lutfy, Reiter, Moerner)

Scarsdale DW def Millburn WH (Emily Massey, Moerner, Teleky)

Harrison KK def Bronx Science CL (Pregasen, Ulene, Li)

Cypress Bay JS def Lake Braddock ZS (Ulene, Emily Massey, Jonathan Massey)

Del Mar KK def Harrison RP (Pregasen, Koh, Daisy Massey)

Hunter College SC def Byram Hills PE (Massac, Cha, Jonathan Massey)

Harrison EA def Monticello DA (Cha, Hyland, Li)

Partial Doubles

Scarsdale DW def Collegiate JP (Massey, Li, *Teleky)
Hunter College NP def Lake Braddock JM (Massey, Amey, Cha)
Lake Braddock ZS def North Allegheny Senior JZ 2-1 (Tran, *Segal, Alonsozana)
Monticello DA def Upper Arlington HW 2-1 (Segal, Koh, *Lutfy)
Millburn WH def Hunter College AK (*Reiter, Massac, Moerner)
Bronx Science CL def Loyola Blakefield JT (Ulene, Koh, Aguirre)
Harrison KK def DuPont Manual EH 2-1 (*Jonathan Massey, Pregasen, Ulene)
Harrison RP def Plano East Senior AB (Moerner, Cha, Massac)
Hunter College SC def Millburn CS (Pregasen, Millman, Massey)
Bronx Science JS v Collegiate KY (Millman, Aguirre, Li)

Byram Hills SC def Bronx Science ES (Amey, Lutfy, Reiter)

Del Mar Independent KK

Harrison EA
Byram Hills PE v Byram Hills AW
Byram Hills AJ
Cypress Bay JS


Prelim Records

Round 1 Pairings; Results

Round 2 Pairings; Results

Round 3 Pairings; Results

Round 4 Pairings; Results

Round 5 Results

Round 6 Results


Iowa Caucus

Wes Des Moines Valley’s Trent Gilbert wins on a 5-0 decision, defeating Barrington’s Sienna Nordquist in the final round.

Partial Octos

WDM Valley EM v WDM Valley SC

Theodore Roosevelt EW def WDM Valley CT 2-1 (White, Smith, *Burdt)

Dowling Catholic CK def Millard North GB (Korsakov, Power, Mayes)

Barrington SN def New Trier LK (Sloven, Laverty, Hale)


Barrington SN def WDM Valley GS (MicCool, Ahsan, Burdt)

WDM Valley TG def Dowling Catholic CK (Smith, Minks, Hale)

Theodore Roosevelt EW def WDM Valley TG (White, Combs, Power)

Hopkins SG def WDM Valley EM (Laverty, Rankin, Mayes)