I am excited to announce that our November/December briefs have been completed, and we will be emailing them out tomorrow. As with our September/October briefs these will be completely free of charge. To get the briefs sign up at premierdebate.com/briefs and they will be in your inbox tomorrow. I want to personally and publicly thank Bob Overing for overseeing the creation of the briefs as well as cutting an enormous amount of evidence. Because of his efforts we are able to say with pride that our briefs contain more cards than any of our competitor’s briefs. In addition to the huge amount of evidence contained in the briefs every single card has been underlined and sorted according to how it should be used in a round. If you appreciate the service or have used any of our briefs please show your appreciation by liking Premier Debate on Facebook, following @premierdebate on twitter, or leaving a comment here.

John Scoggin
Director, Premier Debate