Recorded Debates

We have been live streaming several debates, click to watch:

Round 1 Kinkaid TG vs Los Altos JN

Round 5 Loyola NR v Peninsula JL

Doubles Lynbrook DW v Loyola NR

Octas Miramonte TK (#23) v Oakwood Secondary JW

Octas Kinkaid TG v Brentwood JL (#5) **Live Now**

Elim Results


(#9) Torrey Pines VB def (#19) Greenhill BE (Knell, Pyda, Hunt*)


Harvard Westlake NS vs. (#9) Torrey Pines VB (Pyda, Legried, Fink)

(#19) Greenhill BE vs. (#5) Brentwood JL (Hunt, Hamilton, Knell)


Harvard Westlake NS def (#23) Miramonte TK (Walton, Legried, Fink)

(#9) Torrey Pines VB def Peninsula JL (Overing, Hunt, Jacobson)

(#5) Brentwood JL def Jmhsdebate DD (Amestoy, Knell, Placido)

(#19) Greenhill BE over Greenhill MM


Miramonte TK (#23) def Oakwood Secondary JW 2-1 (Bistagne, Jacobson, *Overing Michael)

Greenhill BE (#19) def Loyola NR 3-0 (Legried, Emerson, Hunt)

Torrey Pines AI v Peninsula JL (Jacobson, Legried, Hunt)

JMHS DD def Arbor View AA 2-1 (Pyda, *Placido, Knell)

Harvard-Westlake NS def La Canada AZ 3-0 (Timmons, Fink, Amestoy)

Brentwood JL (#5) v Kinkaid TG (Bistagne, Walton, Overing Bob) **Live Now**

Greenhill MM v Greenhill GB

Torrey Pines VB (#9) v Torrey Pines SS


Harvard-Westlake NS

Brentwood JL (#5)

Torrey Pines SS v Torrey Pines KK


Miramonte TK (#23)

Greenhill BE (#19)

Torrey Pines VB (#9)

Oakwood Secondary JW def Harker KQ 2-1 (*Bistagne, O’Krent, Placido)

Greenhill MM def Interlake AL 2-1 (Berrios, *Legried, Hamilton)

La Canada AZ def Marlborough AG 3-0 (Fink, Alderete, Shackelford Michael)

Kinkaid TG def Brentwood JR 3-0 (Harris, Damerdji, Overing Bob)

Peninsula JL def Crossroads NS 2-1 (Elisetty, Torson, *Jacobson)

Greenhill GB def Chaminade ER 3-0 (Bietz, Achten, Knell)

Loyola NR def Lynbrook DW 3-0 (Amestoy, Miyamoto, Walton) **Live Stream**

Torrey Pines AI def Harvard-Westlake DM 3-0 (Inglet, Pyda, Jih)

Arbor View AA def Bronx Science CL 2-1 (*Emerson, Hunt, Overing Michael)

Prelim Results

Prelim Records


Round 1 Results

Round 2 Results

Round 3 Results

Round 4 Results

Round 5 Results

Round 6 Results

Top Speakers

1- Greenhill BE (#19)

2- Torrey Pines VB (#9)

3- Brentwood JL (#5)

4- Miramonte TK (#23)

5- John Marshall DD

6- Harvard-Westlake NS

7- Torrey Pines AI

8- Kinkaid TG

9- Greenhill GB

10- La Canada AZ

Weekend Preview & Scouting

And, in case you missed it, here’s our Weekend Preview including a Scouting Report of the pool.