How do you learn the intricacies of LD framework debate if you can’t go to camp? What if policy-style arguments aren’t practiced in your region, but you need to be up on counterplans for your first major national tournament?

This week Premier Debate Today will roll out installments of a new series called Debate for All. The goal is to build a free, public resource for Lincoln-Douglas Debate lessons accessible to debaters of any skill, geographical location, experience, or socio-economic status. The posts will be geared toward providing tools for success in national circuit style LD. Eventually, we want to have a comprehensive guide to LD for debaters and educators that is easy to read and easy to use.

This is an open and ongoing project. Here’s how you can contribute:

Debaters, please comment below on what specific topics you would like to see covered. What topics is it hard to learn about on your own? What would someone new to the circuit need to know?

Educators, if you would like to author or contribute to any introductory content, please e-mail us at premierdebate[at] We would love to hear back on different ways to explain and to teach LD.

Stay tuned for upcoming segments on framework and counterplans!