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Finals (bid):

Peninsula AT (#2) def Brentwood MR 3-0 (Amestoy, Wanless, Legried)


Brentwood MR def Peninsula JZ (Amestoy, Torson, Fink)

Peninsula AT def Oakwood Secondary JW (Knell, Overing Michael, Wanless)


Peninsula JZ def Marlborough AG (Legried, Wanless, Amestoy)

Peninsula AT def Arcadia VL (McHugh, Morris, Kupa)

Oakwood Secondary JW def Loyola ZM (Letak, Vepa, Knell)

Brentwood MR def Harvard-Westlake CC (#14) (Overing Michael, Torson, Wheeler)


Loyola ZM def Peninsula JL (Wanless, Amestoy, Fink)

Arcadia VL def Oakwood Secondary AM (Wanless, Alderete, Fink)

Oakwood Secondary JW def Phoenix Country Day PW (Niebergall, Legried, McHugh)

Brentwood MR def Immaculate Heart LM (Miyamoto, Overing Michael, Torson)

Peninsula AT (#2) def Marlborough LG (Morris, Alderete, Overing Michael)

Marlborough AG def Brophy KC (Morris, Amestoy, Vepa)

Peninsula JZ def Oakwood Secondary JS (Kulpa, Torson, Chen)

Harvard-Westlake CC (#14) over Loyola AP


Chaminade BS v Marlborough LG (Rosen, Amestoy, Chen)

Oakwood Secondary JS

Brentwood MR

Peninsula JZ

Peninsula JL

Arcadia VL

Phoenix Country Day PW

Oakwood Secondary JW

Loyola AP

Loyola ZM

Harvard-Westlake CC (#14)

Immaculate Heart LM

Marlborough AG

Peninsula AT (#2)

Oakwood Secondary AM

Brophy KC


Top Speakers:

1) Peninsula AT (#2)

2) Peninsula JZ

3) Harvard-Westlake CC (#14)

4) Oakwood Secondary JW

5) Peninsula JL

6) Brentwood MR

7) Marlborough AG

8) Brophy

9) Peninsula KK

10) Immaculate Heart LM

Prelim Records

Bizarre Tabroom Cume Sheet

Round 1 | Results

Round 2 | Results

Round 3 | Results

Round 4 | Results

Round 5

Round 6

Apple Valley

The Apple Valley tournament is taking place this weekend, make sure to keep checking in for live results right here!

Pairings will be posted on Joy’s Warm Room.

Round 1 Pairings

Round 2 Pairings

Round 3 Pairings

Round 4 Pairings

Round 5 Pairings

Round 6 Pairings

Round 7 Pairings


Greenhill BE (#16) def Walt Whitman MR (Lawrence, Shurtz, Stevens)

Mission San Jose SS (#17) def Greenhill GB (Dillard, Sanhoefner, Eastlund)

University School DB (#4) def Harrison EE (McClung, Smith, Holguin)

Scarsdale MB def Bronx Science JS (Magyar, Sloven, Spence)

Grapevine AY def Bronx Science CL (Castillo, Koshak, Shmikler)

Northland Christian DL def Strake Jesuit SM (Pregasen, Devore, Lonam)

Clements FT def Strake Jesuit JZ (Yi, Ave, Horowitz)

Lexington AS def West Des Moines Valley TG (Harris, Hom, Reiter)

Strake Jesuit AT (#13) def Hopkins SG (Hymson, Parthasarathy, Miller-Melin)

Clements RG (#19) def Theodore Roosevelt EW (Hendrickson, Zhou, Thisler)

West Des Moines Valley GS def Harrison SR White, Froh, Kaczmarek)

Sacred Heart AT (#6) def Walt Whitman LK (Scoggin J, Evnen, Ahlstrom)

Miramonte TK def Scarsdale DW (Shapiro, Nandu, Massey)

Evanston CT def Bronx Science DR (Smith, Leverett, McElwain)

Strake Jesuit RC def Hockaday AH (McNeil, Massey, Boyer)

Harrison EA def Lake Highland MC (Moerner, Rankin, Tisher)


Greenhill BE (#16) vs. West Des Moines Valley GS (McCool, Holguin, Hertzig)

University DB (#4) vs. Clements RG (Yi, Scoggin E, Smith)

Grapevine AY vs. Strake Jesuit AT (#13) (Scoggin J, McNeil, Massey)

Sacred Heart AT (#6) vs. Lexington AD (Harris, Castillo, Dillard)

Miramonte TK vs. Clements FT (DeVore, Zhou, Eastlund)

Evanston CT (#25) vs. Northland Christian DL (Boyer, Lonam, Hendrickson)

Strake Jesuit RC vs. Scarsdale MB (Shapiro, Massey, Nandu)

Harrison EA vs. Mission San Jose SS (#17) (Kaczmarek, Bentley, Pregasen)


Greenhill BE (#16) vs. Mission San Jose SS (#17) (Dillard, Kaczmarek, Holguin)

University DB (#4) vs. Scarsdale MB (Massey, Devore, Spence)

Strake Jesuit AT (#13) vs. Evanston CT (#25) (Lonam, Coates, Miller-Melin)

Clements FT vs. Sacred Heart AT (#6) (Hertzig, Boyer, Hom)


Greenhill BE (#16) def Sacred Heart AT (#6) (Smith, Zhou, Theis)

Scarsdale MB def Strake Jesuit AT (#13) (Evnen, Shapiro, Holguin)


Scarsdale MB def Greenhill BE (#16) (Hom, Holguin, Prax)