The 35th Edition of The Glenbrooks is underway. Preliminary rounds are being held at Glenbrook South High School and are posted on And be sure to check out our Weekend Preview and Scouting Report to see who from the Top 25 and Bid List are competing. Top 25 ranks appear before each competitor’s name.


Prelim Seeds


#5 Harker PR def #8 Brentwood JL 2-1 (*Laverty, Evnen, Theis)


#5 Harker PR def #2 Peninsula AT (Merchant, Star, Roberts)

#8 Brentwood JL def Clements FT (Evnen, Fink, Theis)


#12 Newark Science SS vs #2 Peninsula AT (Merchant, Wei, Boyer)

#19 Clements RG vs #8 Brentwood JL (Laverty, Baker, Roberts)

#15 Greenhill VA vs Clements FT (Star, Chen, Fink)

#5 Harker PR vs #11 Lexington PC (Van Berg, Wheeler, Scher)


Greenhill MM vs #2 Peninsula AT (Achten, Star, Wei)

#12 Newark Science SS vs Lake Highland Prep NK (Baker, Wei, Power)

#22 Kinkaid TG vs #11 Lexington PC (Reiter, Millman, Massey)

#19 Clements RG vs Evanston EW (Chen, Roberts, Boyer)

#15 Greenhill VA vs #25 Evanston CT (Alston, Fink, Van Berg)

Clements FT vs #16 Greenhill BE (Wheeler, Achten, Fink)

Scarsdale MB vs #8 Brentwood JL (Weisberg, Korsakov, Chy)

#23 Lexington DA vs #5 Harker PR (Timmons, Scher, Liu)


Clements RG def. Hockaday AH 3-0 (Cavanaugh, Hertzig, Sims)

Brentwood JL def. Apple Valley PH 3-0 (Weisberg, Korsakov, Chy)

Lexington DA def. Westlake DB 2-1 (Evnen*, Korn, Massey)

Greenhill VA def. Sacred Heart AT 2-1 (Alston, Miller*, Star)

Newark Science SS def. John Marshall DD 3-0 (Alderete, Roberts, Smith)

Evanston EW def. Newark Science AF 3-0 (Cha, Chen, Theis)

Evanston CT def. Peninsula JZ 3-0 (Fink, Castillo, Hertzig)

Lexington PC def. Grapevine AY 3-0 (Castillo, Tarsney, Theis)

Clements FT def. Millburn WH 3-0 (Arnett, Horowitz, Merchant)

Kinkaid TG def. Woodlands AC 3-0 (Massey, Millman, Reiter)

Scarsdale MB def. Strake AlT 2-1 (Bone*, Azbel, Shmikler)

Lake Highland Prep NK def. Bronx Science JS 3-0 (Reiter,Caplan, Weisberg)

Harker PR def. WDM Valley TF 3-0 (Woodhouse, Zhu, Evnen)

Peninsula AT def. Strake SM 3-0 (Cha, Roberts, Shmikler)

Greenhill BE def. Strake RC 3-0 (Wei, Baker, Torson)

Greenhill MM def. WDM Valley GS 3-0 (Thompson, Alderete, Pyda)

Round 1 Pairings; Results

Round 2 Pairings; Results

Round 3 Pairings; Results

Round 4 Pairings; Results

Round 5 Pairings; Results

Round 6 Pairings; Results

Round 7 Pairings;

Octas Pairings

Top Speakers

1. Harker’s Pranav Reddy

2. Newark’s SunHee Simon

3. Peninsula’s Arjun Tambe

4. Greenhill’s Bennett Eckert

5. Clements’ Rebecca Gelfer

6. Evanston’s Carlos Taylor

7. Scarsdale’s Rahul Gosain

8. Lexington’s Preetham Chippada

9. Woodlands’ Abbey Chapman

10. Lake Highland’s Neal Kapoor