Live Results

Congratulations to Scarsdale MM and Hunter College BL for making it to finals!


Scarsdale MM vs Hunter College BL – Delayed


Scarsdale MM def Lexington AS

Hunter College BL def Harrison SR


Scarsdale MM def Ridge SK

Hunter College BL def Concord Carlisle DL

Harrison SR def North Allegheny DB

Lexington AS def McDowell JP


Scarsdale MM def Hunter College NP

Lexington AS def Ridge VK

Concord Carlisle DL def Bronx Science JS

Harrison SR def Byram Hills AJ

North Allegheny DB def Byram Hills PE

Ridge SK def Bronx Science ZP

McDowell JP def Byram Hills SC

Hunter College BL over Hunter College SC

Double Octafinals

Byram Hills AJ def Lexington MZ

Ridge VKa def Westford AS

Ridge SK def Lexington MH

Hunter College SC def Syosset AM

Concord Carlisle DL def Millburn WH

McDowell JP def Ridge TT

Hunter College BL def Cambridge PO

Harrison SR def Montville JM

Scarsdale MM def Bronx Science EF

Byram Hills PE def Ridge NP

Bronx Science ZP def Scarsdale ER

Lexington AS def Montville EH

Hunter College NP def Scarsdale ZG

Byram Hills SC def Newtown SC

North Allegheny Senior DB def Harrison AG

Bronx Science JS def Benjamin Cardozo AB

Partial Triples

Byram Hills PE def Syosset JW

Lexington MZ def Park LC

Lexington MH def Harrison EE

North Allegheny DB over North Allegheny GR

Benjamin Cardozo AB def Harrison MR

Montville EH def Princeton CP

Newtown SC def Medina CC

Concord Carlisle DL def Princeton MN

Bronx Science EF def Byram Hills JBr

Scarsdale ZG def Hendrick Hudson MG

Cambridge PO def Roslyn AS


Prelim Records

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Scouting Report

Debaters appearing in the Premier Debate Top 25:

#25 – Byram Hills AJ

Debaters appearing in the Premier Debate Bid List:

Byram Hills AJ (2)

Lexington AS (2)

Harrison AG (1)

Scarsdale MM (1)