Live Results – Elims

NOTE: The tournament calls doubles and octas “Round 6” and “Round 7” respectively. There were only five prelims.


Harrison AG vs. Newark Science CQ. Finals will be happening at the Newark tournament in January.


Harrison AG vs. Millburn WH

Byram Hills PE vs. Newark Science CQ


Newark Science CQ def. Harrison MZ

Harrison AG def. Millburn WH

Byram Hills PE def. Bronx Science ID

Byram Hills AW def. Bronx Science DR


Harrison AG def. Montville JM

Millburn WH def. Scarsdale DW

Bronx Science DR def. Montville EH

Byram Hills AW def. Hunter College BL

Byram Hills PE def. Harrison SO

Bronx Science ID def. Stuyvesant SL

Harrison MZ def. Randolph HK

Newark Science CQ def. Princeton KX


Harrison AG def. Stuyvesant LD

Montville JM def. Bronx Science CL

Scarsdale DW def. Montville RU

Millburn WH def. Hanover Park KG

Bronx Science DR def. Whippany Park LC

Montville EH def. Princeton CP

Byram Hills AW def. Newark Science AK

Hunter College BL def. Hendrick Hudson MG

Byram Hills PE def. Harrison RP

Harrison SO def. Stuyvesant TC

Bronx Science ID def. Lexington ZA

Stuyvesant SL def. Montville DM

Randolph HK def. Scarsdale ZE

Harrison MZ def. Delbarton VK

Princeton KX def. Hunter College SC

Newark Science CQ def. Hunter College JC

Scouting Report

Debaters on the Premier Debate Bid List attending:

Bronx ID – 1

Harrison AG – 1

Hunter College BL – 1

Newark Science CQ – Auto-qual

Weekend Preview

Bid Level: Finals

Pool: 83 Entries

Last Year’s Result: SNOWED OUT