We are coming live from the Sunvitational!

Congratulations to Varun Bhave of Del Mar for defeating Jake Steirn of Cypress Bay in finals of this year’s Sunvite. Varun is coached by Marshall Thompson. Jake is coached by Bob Overing, Grant Reiter, Robbie Steirn, and Megan West.

The warm room can be found here. Numbers indicate that debater’s rank on the PDT Top 25.


#1 Del Mar VB def #12 Cypress Bay JS (Evnene, Levy, Ditzian)


#12 Cypress Bay JS def Strake Jesuit JZ 3-0 (Millmania, Levy, Lonam)

#1 Del Mar VB def Strake Jesuit SM 2-1 (*Sigalow, Azbel, Reiter)


#12 Cypress Bay JS def LAMP RR 3-0 (Castillo, Lonam, Levy)

Strake Jesuit SM def #5 Sacred Heart AT 3-0 (Sigalow, Millman, Hom)

#1 Del Mar VB def Strake Jesuit XX 3-0 (Wright, Hymson, Azbel)

Strake Jesuit JZ def Lake Highland NK 2-1 (*Reiter, Roth, Evnen)


#12 Cypress Bay JS def Lake Highland SP 3-0 (Evnen, Hom, Ortega)

Strake Jesuit JZ def Lake Highland AA 2-1 (DeVore, *Reiter, Roth)

#1 Del Mar VB def #19 Strake Jesuit AT 2-1 (Millman, Rojas, *Huett)

Strake Jesuit SM def Theodore Roosevelt EW 2-1 (*Wright, Hymson, Hense)

#5 Sacred Heart AT def Scarsdale DW 3-0 (Ave, Struver, Biel)

Strake Jesuit XX def Law Magnet DD 2-1 (*Eastlund, Sigalow, Ditzian)

Lake Highland NK def Oxbridge Academy NV 2-1 (*Castillo, Levy, Pregasen)

LAMP RR def #15 Scarsdale RG 2-1 (Lonam, Azbel, *Jain)


#12 Cypress Bay JS def Bronx ES 3-0 (Ave, Lonam, Rojas)

#15 Scarsdale RG def North Crowley AR 3-0 (Ave, Lonam, Huett)

#1 Del Mar VB def Bronx CL 3-0 (Levy, Evnen, Castillo)

Law Magnet DD def Lake Highland RS 2-1 (*Hense, Reiter, Castillo)

#5 Sacred Heart AT def Dreyfoos KR 3-0 (Tedrow, Ditzian, Bornote)

Theodore Roosevelt EW def Bronx JS 2-1 (*Evnen, Jain, Wright)

Lake Highland NK def Cypress Bay JI 3-0 (Hom, Shim, Roth)

Strake Jesuit JZ def Bronx DR 3-0 (Roth, Levy, Hom)

Lake Highland AA def American Heritage JY 2-1 (Ortega, DeVore, *Pregasen)

Oxbridge Academy NV def Strake Jesuit KF 3-0 (DeVore, Ortega, Pregasen)

Strake Jesuit SM def Bronx ID 3-0 (Sigalow, Hymson, Anderson)

Scarsdale DW def Bronx OK 2-1 (*Arthur, Hymson, Sigalow)

Strake Jesuit XX def Lake Highland MK 3-0 (Huett, Wright, Eastlund)

LAMP RR def Winter Springs JL 3-0 (Millman, Jain, Azbel)

Lake Highland SP def North Allegheny JZ 3-0 (Biel, Posner, Quirch)

#19 Strake Jesuit AT over Strake Jesuit ML