It’s time for LD Coaches Poll #4! You can vote by following this link. You can see past results here.

Here’s a note from Bob Overing about this month’s poll:

Dear Colleagues,
I’ve extended the time period for voting in this edition of the Top 25 Coaches Poll. I’d like to get about 20 ballots if possible, so please send the poll around. It only takes a few minutes and it’s pretty fun.
Thanks to everyone who voted last time and congratulations to those ranked Top 25 in the nation last month:
1 Del Mar VB
1 Harker PR
3 Peninsula AJ
4 Peninsula AT
5 Sacred Heart AT
6 Brentwood JL
7 University DB
8 Greenhill BE
9 Lexington PC
10 Newark Science SS
11 Greenhill VA
12 Cypress Bay JS
13 Clements RG
14 Westwood AG
15 Scarsdale RG
16 Scarsdale MB
17 Harvard-Westlake CC
18 Evanston CT
19 Strake Jesuit AT
20 Kinkaid TG
21 Mission San Jose SS
22 Lexington DA
23 Miramonte TK
24 Clements FT
25 Katy Taylor NY
– Make sure you get your program’s OK to fill out the poll on its behalf
– I reserve the right to throw out votes that appear random or manipulative. This poll has legitimacy only if you base your ranks on your true beliefs about the Top 25 in the country.
– You should vote for your own students if you believe they are Top 25. It will not harm their points and it makes the poll more accurate*Scoring Rules*
– Each school gets one ballot – it can be filled out by any coach associated with the program
– Each coach will rank debaters from 1-25 and points will be calculated by a simple Borda count: A 1st place vote is 25 points, a 2nd place vote is 24 points, etc.
– No ties are allowed
– Ranking your own students will not count toward their point totals
– The final rankings will be based on average points per eligible ballot. Everyone’s ballot will be private. The only information released will be a list of schools voting along with the Top 25I went and grabbed the names of students who have TOC bids so far from Premier Debate’s bid list. You might want to rank someone not listed. If so, just email me your list.Thanks everyone!

Bob Overing
Assistant LD Coach
Loyola High School