Congratulations to Del Mar’s Varun Bhave for defeating Harvard-Westlake’s Nick Steele to win the USC Damus Invitational on a 2-1 (Bistagne, Placido, *Lucas-Bolin). Varun is coached by Marshall Thompson. Nick is coached by Bietz, Travis Fife, Shania Hunt, and Steve Knell.


Round 1 Pairings; Results

Round 2 Pairings; Results

Round 3 Pairings; Results

Round 4 Pairings; Results

Round 5 Pairings; Results

Round 6 Pairings; Results


Partial Octas

Loyola NR def Miramonte TK (Damerdji, Walton, *Helali)

Loyola RAg def Interlake AL (Grigsby, Alderete, Hunt)


Harvard-Westlake NS def. Torrey Pines SS on a 3-0 (Bistagne, Placido, Torson)

Torrey Pines DB def. Loyola NR on a 3-0 (Hunt, Miyamoto, Walton)

La Canada AZ def. John Marshall DD on a 2-1 (*Helali, Placido, Bistagne)

Harvard-Westlake CC def. Loyola RAg on a 2-1 (*Walton, Torson, Conrad)


Harvard-Westlake NS def. La Canada AZ on a 2-1 (Helali, *Govari, Pena)

Torrey Pines VB def. Harvard-Westlake CC on a 2-1 (*Torson, Bistagne, Placido)


Torrey Pines VB def. Harvard-Westlake NS on a 2-1 (Bistagne, Placido, *Lucas-Bolin)


Entries: 31

(After one drop, the pool is now 30)

With 38 bids across 30 entries, the pool’s average debater has 1.27 bids.

Top 25

1 – Varun Bhave

21 – Cameron Cohen

Qual’d Debaters

Varun Bhave (10)

David Dosch (6)

Nick Steele (4)

Cameron Cohen (4)

Kevin Krotz (4)

Tom Kadie (4)

Debaters with One Bid

Alisa Liu (VBT)

Ash Israni (Voices)

Sujay Singh (Meadows)

Nick Rogers (St. Marks)

Connor Engel (Alta)

Louisa Melcher (Alta)