Prelim Records

Round 1 Pairings; Results

Round 2 Pairings; Results

Round 3 Pairings; Results

Round 4 Pairings; Results

Round 5 Pairings; Results

Round 6 Pairings; Results


Peninsula JL def Lexington LW on a 2-1 (Fink, Peiris, *Torson)

Marlborough AG def. Harvard-Westlake KW (Chen, Theis, Achten)


Peninsula AJ def. Marlborough AG (Neesen, Chen, Peiris)

Newark AF def. Peninsula AT on a 2-1 (Peiris, *Newkirk, Ahsan)

Greenhill MM def. Harvard-Westlake NS (Wheeler, Newkirk, Berrios)

Greenhill BE def. Harvard-Weswtlake CE (Theis, Alston, Wheeler)

Greenhill VA def Peninsula JZ on a 3-0 (Fink, Knell, Torson)

Harker PR def. Peninsula JL on a 3-0 (Randall, Knell, Torson)

Newark CQ ThePoet def Harvard-Westlake CC on a 2-1 (*Theis, Ahsan, Timmons)

Newark SS over Newark AK


Greenhill BE def. Newark Science CQ on a 2-1  (Theis, Chen, *Achten)

Newark Science SS (Aff) vs Peninsula AJ (Neg) (Knell, Alderete, Achten)

Harker PR (Aff) def. Newark Science AF (Neg) on a 2-1 (Alderete, Woodhouse*, Knell)

Greenhill VA over Greenhill MM


Greenhill BE vs Harker PR (Wheeler, Theis, Bietz)

Greenhill VA vs Peninsula AJ (Achten, Alderete, Fink)


Harker PR def. Greenhill VA on a 2-1 (Alderete, Bietz, *Theis)





















(Theis, Chen, Achten)

Newark AF (Aff) vs Peninsula AJ (Neg) (Knell, Alderete, Achten)

Theis, ChrisChen, JerryAchten, Greg2Student Union 208BNewark Science SS


Peninsula AJ


Knell, SteveAlderete, TimAchten, Greg1Student Union 208CHarker PR


Newark Science AF


Alderete, TimWoodhouse, AllieKnell, Steve1BYEGreenhill VAGreenhill MM


Weekend Preview

There are 68 bids spread among 48 entries, which averages to 1.41 bids per debater.

8 of the top 25

1) Peninsula’s Akhil Jalan

3) Peninsula’s Arjun Tambe

4) Harker’s Pranav Reddy

5) Greenhill’s Bennett Eckert

9) Newark’s SunHee Simon

11) Newark’s CQ ThePoet

12) Greenhill’s Varad Agarwala

14) Harvard-Westlake’s Cameron Cohen

Qual’d Debaters

Peninsula AT (10)

Peninsula AJ (9)

Greenhill BE (8)

Greenhill VA (6)

Harker PR (5)

Newark CQ ThePoet (5)

Harvard-Westlake CC (5)

Harvard-Westlake NS (5)

Newark SS (4)

Newark AF (3)

Newark AK (2)

Peninsula JZ (2)

Meadows MS (2)

Peninsula JL (1)

Marlborough AG (1)

Three debaters with one bid