Parker Whitfill from Phoenix Country Day wins the inaugural Premier Debate Institute camp tournament. In lieu of a trophy, Parker received a $1000 scholarship toward tuition at PDI 2016 next summer. Both finalists received the prize of a 50 card brief on the topic of their choice during the year.

Elim Results


neg Fairness PW [Parker Whitfill] def Tech Dom BS [Bo Slade] 5-0 (Amestoy, Thompson, Tomasi, Shackleford, 7-6 Student Vote)


aff Fairness PW v neg Black Holes AP [Andrew Perez] 3-2 (Amestoy, *Gamble, Thompson, *Tomasi, Shackleford)

neg Tech Dom BS def 3-Stock JO [John Overing] 3-2 (Berman, *Overing, Placido, *Rogers, Scoggin)

Partial Quarters

Fairness PW

3-Stock JO

Black Holes AP def Tech Dom DW 3-0 [Doug Wickham] (Overing, Scoggin, Thompson) [DW elected to affirm as Tech Dom had a higher ballot count than Black Holes]

Tech Dom BS def Tech Dom DV 3-0 [Danny Vesurai] (Amestoy, Shackleford, Tomasi)

Prelim Narrative

After 1, Team Tech Dom came out to a strong lead while Team Black Holes lagged behind and the other two teams stayed even:

Tech Dom 4-0

Fairness 2-2

3-Stock 2-2

Black Holes 0-4



After 2, Team Black Holes is climbing back into contention while Team Tech Dom sees some slippage. Team Fairness and Team 3-Stock are still neck and neck. Anything could happen!

Tech Dom 6-2

Fairness 4-4

3-Stock 4-4

Black Holes 2-6



​It’s a close race. Rounds 3-4 saw 3-Stock and Fairness close the gap with early frontrunner Tech Dom. It doesn’t look too good for the Black Holes, but anything’s possible with two rounds remaining.

3-Stock 9-7

Fairness 9-7

Tech Dom 9-7

Black Holes 5-11


What a finish! Tech Dom started strong and ended strong. Black Holes nearly climbed into 3rd, and 3-Stock was able to separate itself from Fairness by 1 ballot! The teams’ success will determine who decides sides in elims.

Tech Dom 15-9
3-Stock: 12-12
Fairness: 11-13
Black Holes: 10-14