Resolved: Adolescents ought to have the right to make autonomous medical choices.

To help you prepare for this year’s Sept/Oct topic, we have John Scoggin, Monica Amestoy and Adam Tomasi ready to field any questions you have. Think of it like an “ask me anything,” so get your questions ready, and have plenty of them! We will respond in the comments section below. Take a look at our panelists:

John Scoggin

Since graduating from The Blake School in Minneapolis, Minnesota, John has coached for Loyola High School. During the last 5 years John’s students have earned 66 bids to the tournament of champions. He has coached 2 TOC finalists, a TOC quarterfinalist, and champions of many major national tournaments across the country.

Monica Amestoy

Monica debated for Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy in La Cañada, CA. She helped start the debate team and was the first person to attend TOC from her school. As a junior, she reached octafinals of the NDCA championships. As a senior, she made it to quarterfinals of the Victory Briefs Tournament, earned top speaker at the Cal Berkeley Invitational and the Damien Invitational, and received speaker awards at Meadows, CPS, Apple Valley, and Golden Desert, while reaching bid rounds at Valley, Apple Valley, Alta, College Prep, Stanford and Berkeley. Monica also competed at the Hockaday and Lexington Round Robins. In college, she debates for the University of Utah where she has reached three final rounds of NPDA style parli debate.

Adam Tomasi

Adam Tomasi debated for Sacred Heart High School (MA). He cleared at the Tournament of Champions his sophomore, junior and senior years, reaching quarterfinals his senior year. Adam has earned Top Speaker awards at the Collegiate RR, Yale, the Bronx RR + NYC Invitational, Hendrick Hudson, the Sunvitational RR, and Harvard. This year he’s made a finals appearance in the Valley, Bronx, and Apple Valley Round Robins. Adam is also planning to continue debate on the NDT-CEDA college policy circuit next year.


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