This spreadsheet is a resource for anyone looking for someone to contact at a tournament in times of need. The goal of this project is to make the circuit be a safer and less hostile environment for everyone, especially for younger debaters just starting out. The circuit can be intimidating (mainly approaching debaters you don’t know) but we promise that those signed up will be happy to help you out. If you feel unsafe, need someone to talk to, or you just need a hug and someone to rant to, contact someone here and hopefully you’ll get the help you need! The spreadsheet also has a judges tab to help disadvantaged debaters looking for judges around their area.

Each tab includes a tournament (as of now, we’ve only put in September-October tournaments — it’ll be updated in the future!) with contact information for those at tournaments open to being approached by debaters with their problems. Each tournament is also split by those who aren’t debating (judges, coaches, people helping out, etc.) and those competing so you have an easier time choosing someone to contact.

As of now, contacts are restricted to female identifying juniors, seniors and alumni, just to make the process easier as this starts up. To be a part of this spreadsheet, simply fill out the form linked on the home tab. The first link is to be a tournament contact, and the second is to be a judge. (Please don’t ask to be added to the spreadsheet— it’s on view only to make sure formatting/contact information stays safe) After that, your information will be inputted by our team of girls and public on the spreadsheet. This is targeted at female debaters in the community, but you don’t need to identify as female to use this page or to sign up as a judge.

Please spread this around, especially if you know coaches/older alumni who would be happy to help out at each tournament— the more open we make the community, the less hostile it will be. If you have any questions, suggestions, or edits, send them to, or contact Kim (Kim Brûlée) on Facebook. And, of course, any of the lovely girls mentioned on the home page would also be happy to take your messages! Fill out the form here: See contact info here:

[Disclaimer — Guest posts on Premier do not necessarily reflect the views or advice of Premier. In egregious cases where you’re in danger or feel endangered, you should contact an authority figure and get help.]