Caveats and Notes

  1. This is a PRESEASON poll, so a lot of students that did really well at Loyola, Greenhill, Valley, etc. may not be listed as high as you would think! We’re simultaneously putting out a call for ballots for the 2nd Coaches Poll of the year, which coaches will fill out with these results in mind. Click here to access the new poll.
  2. The pool of debaters in the poll was meant to include all debaters who received at least two TOC bids last season. There were some errors. Some people were added to the ballot late and some people were mistakenly included. It’s okay. The next pool of debaters is based on those who have TOC bid(s) this season or are auto-qualified.
  3. As you can see, a lot of the ballots came from coaches on the West Coast or in the Southwest, which may be reflected in their ballots because the debaters they see most are the ones in their regions. To correct for this, please send the poll around to coaches from other regions!

Coaches Poll Top 25 – Preseason

The following are the results of the first Coaches Poll for 2015-2016!

Each debater received 25 points for a 1st place vote, 24 for a 2nd place vote, etc. The total points were then divided by eligible ballots (a ballot from the debater’s school doesn’t count). In parentheses are the previous rank and first place votes.

1 (5) (6) Greenhill BE 24.75
2 (16) Oakwood JW 21.38
3 Greenhill GB 19.50
4 (14) Harvard-Westlake CC 18.63
5 (12) (1) Greenhill VA 17.88
6 Clements FT 17.50
7 Harvard-Westlake NS 16.13
8 (10) Cypress Bay JS 15.57
9 Lake Highland NK 14.50
10 (24) Mission San Jose SS 13.86
11 Crossroads NS 13.75
12 Strake Jesuit SM 12.63
13 Westlake DB 10.63
14 Peninsula JL 10.14
15 Lexington AS 9.29
16 Newark Science AK 8.88
17 Lake Highland MC 6.88
18 Brentwood JR 6.00
19 Harrison SR 5.50
20 Harker KQ 5.13
20 Interlake AL 5.13
22 Marlborough AG 5.00
23 Dulles NB 4.88
24 Harrison KK 4.50
24 Immaculate Heart LM 4.50


Also receiving votes: Benjamin Franklin SF, Brentwood CH, Byram Hills PE, Centennial ZM, Dulles KS, Harrison EA, Harvard-Westlake CE, Hawken NK, Hunter College NP, Law Magnet DD, Los Altos JN, Marcus LH, Millard North GB, Millard North PK, Oxbridge NV, University JR, Walt Whitman LK, Westwood SN.

Thanks to affiliates from the following schools for voting: Hockaday (TX), Lexington (MA), Loyola (CA), Meadows (NV), MVLA (CA), Oakwood (CA), Peninsula (CA), Rowland Hall/St. Mark’s (UT), Strake Jesuit (TX).