Caveats and Notes

  1. The ballots were collected over about two weeks from October 1 to October 15, so a lot of students that did really well at tournaments during or after that time may be ranked lower than their performances might suggest.
  2. The pool of suggested debaters in the poll included only those who had bids (or auto-qualified) at some point during the poll’s duration.  Some ballots were cast before certain additions to the pool. This may account for some major drops, for instance, of Oakwood JW from #2 to NR because he had not attained a bid this season until the end of the polling period. Mission San Jose SS’s drop from #10 to #22 might have the same cause.

Coaches Poll Top 25 – Preseason

The following are the results of the first Coaches Poll for 2015-2016!

Each debater received 25 points for a 1st place vote, 24 for a 2nd place vote, etc. The total points were then divided by eligible ballots (a ballot from the debater’s school doesn’t count). In parentheses are the previous rank and first place votes.

1 (1) (8) Greenhill BE 22.81
2 (4) (2) Harvard-Westlake CC 20.33
3 (11) (1) Crossroads NS 19.94
4 (6) (1) Clements FT 18.31
5 (NR) Hunter College NP 17.13
6 (12) (1) Strake Jesuit SM 16.40
7 (9) (1) Lake Highland NK 15.53
8 (NR) Law Magnet DD 13.93
9 (7) Harvard-Westlake NS 13.47
10 (14) Peninsula JL 13.40
11 (5) (1) Greenhill VA 13.38
12 (3) Greenhill GB 13.31
13 (8) Cypress Bay JS 11.21
14 (NR) La Canada AZ 10.63
15 (16) Newark Science AK 10.00
16 (15) Lexington AS 7.40
17 (NR) University JR 7.38
18 (23) Dulles NB 7.27
19 (NR) Oxbridge NV 6.06
20 (24) Immaculate Heart LM 5.75
21 (13) Westlake DB 4.81
22 (10) Mission San Jose SS 4.57
23 (NR) Millard North GB 4.27
24 (NR) Hawken NK 3.93
25 (NR) Walt Whitman LK 2.64


Also receiving votes: Bronx Science JS, Byram Hills PE, Cambridge Rindge and Latin OS, Harker KQ, Harker SP, Harrison EA, Harrison KK, Harvard-Westlake EE, J. Graham Brown BD, Lake Highland MC, Lake Highland SP, Liberty Christian BS, Loyola JO, Lynbrook VV, Marlborough AG, Oakwood JW, Scarsdale ZG, Strake Jesuit KF, Strake Jesuit RC, University KC, Westwood SN.

Thanks to affiliates from the following schools for voting: BASIS Silicon Valley (CA), Cambridge Rindge and Latin (MA), Dulles (TX), Harvard-Westlake (CA), Hawken (OH), Hunter College (NY), Lake Highland (FL), Leucadia Independent (CA), Lexington (MA), Lynbrook (CA), Mission San Jose (CA), Peninsula (CA), Servite (CA), Strake Jesuit (TX), Torrey Pines (CA), Walt Whitman (MD).