Main Tournament

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Greenhill VA def Loyola JO 2-1


Loyola JO def Oakwood JW

Greenhill VA def Clements FT


Oakwood JW def Greenhill BE

Loyola JO def Peninsula KK

Clements FT def Cy-Fair CM

Greenhill VA def Peninsula JL


Greenhill BE def Immaculate Heart DD

Oakwood JW def Crossroads NS

Peninsula KK def Brentwood JR

Loyola JO over Loyola BS

Clements FT def Harker SP

Cy-Fair CM def Marlborough AG

Peninsula JL def Phoenix Country Day PW

Greenhill VA def La Canada AZ


Brentwood JR

Greenhill VA

Cy-Fair CM

Clements FT

Peninsula JL

Greenhill BE

Oakwood JW

Loyola JO

Crossroads NS (Neg) def Strake Jesuit RC (Amestoy, Fife, Gelfer)

Phoenix Country Day PW (Aff) def Oakwood AB (Gelfer, Singh, *Tartakovsky)

Marlborough AG (neg) def Oakwood JS (Alderete, Fife, Wheeler)

La Canada AZ (neg) def Peninsula IG (*Placido, Hunt, Fink)

Loyola BS (neg) def Law Magnet DD (Amestoy, O’Krent, *Vincent)

Harker SP (aff) def Immaculate Heart LM (Alderete, Hunt, Sharma)

Peninsula KK (aff) def Meadows SK (Placido, Randall, Vincent)

Immaculate Heart DD (neg) def Meadows LS (Neesen, Singh, *O’Krent)


Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6


Congratulations to Greenhill’s Bennett Eckert and Varad Agarwala for winning the round robin. They won a combined 37 of 40 ballots for the weekend. Please see our Facebook page for our finalist photo.

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Round 1


Round 2


Round 3


Round 4


Round 5



Bid Level: Octafinals

Date: January 16 – 18

Number of Entries: 61

Debaters in Attendance with Bids:

Karen Qi – 2
Kyle Fennessy – 1
Jonas Le Barillec – 7
Parker Whitfill – 1
Roshan Sadhwani – 1
Cameron McConway – 1
Luis Sandoval – 2
Ishan Gaur – 1
Louisa Melcher – 2
Jack Wareham – 4
Varad Agarwala – 4
Felix Tan – 4
Richard Cook – 1
Srivatsav Pyda – 1
John Overing – 2
Bennett Eckert – 5
Annie Gersh – 1
Noah Simon – 5
Sara Kaplan – 1
Alex Zhao – 4
Dino De La O – 6
Danielle Dosch – 1