Nick Steele from Harvard-Westlake (neg) defeated Felix Tan from Clements on a 2-1 decision with judges Chris Castillo, Chris Kymn*, and Michael Overing.


Congratulations to both teams and their coaches. Nick is coached by Mike Bietz and Travis Fife. Felix is coached by Marshall Thompson and Akhil Jalan.

Elim Results


Harvard-Westlake NS def Clements FT


Harvard-Westlake NS over Harvard-Westlake CC

Clements FT def Greenhill VA


Harvard-Westlake NS def Mission San Jose LS

Clements FT def Millard North GB

Harvard-Westlake CC def Oakwood JW

Greenhill VA def Mission San Jose SS


Harvard-Westlake NS def Byram Hills PE

Clements FT def Lexington AS

Harvard-Westlake CC def Newark Science AK

Greenhill VA def Harrison RP

Mission San Jose LS def Lake Highland NK

Millard North GB def Greenhill BE

Oakwood JW def Lake Highland MC

Mission San Jose SS def Strake Jesuit SM


1 Jack Wareham Oakwood JW
2 Neal Kapoor Lake Highland NK
3 Wesley Hu Millburn WH
4 Nina Potischman Hunter College NP
5 Varad Agarwala Greenhill VA
6 Andrew Perez Loyola AP
7 Felix Tan Clements FT
8 Sean McCormick Strake Jesuit SM
9 Shivane Sabharwal Mission San Jose SS
10 Bennett Eckert Greenhill BE
11 Nick Steele Harvard-Westlake NS
12 Cameron Cohen Harvard-Westlake CC
13 Kathryn Kenny Harrison KK
14 Dino De La O Law Magnet DD
15 Amit Kukreja Newark Science AK
16 David Min American Heritage DM
17 Grant Brown Millard North GB
18 Venkatesh Muppaneni Woodlands VM
19 Jacob Ronkin University JR
20 Sreya Pinnamaneni Lake Highland SP

Premier Results

25% of 2015 Premier Debate main session attendees qualified to the TOC, including 4-3 finishers John Overing and Parker Whitfill as well as 6th speaker Andrew Perez

2016 Premier Debate staff coached 5 of the 8 quarterfinalists, 1 octafinalist, and 1 double-octafinalist

2016 Premier Debate staff include TOC champion Nick Steele

Live Results

TOC 2016 Record Tracking Spreadsheet


TOC 2016