For those of us who love to write really creative, cool cases, it’s always a tragedy when the topic or season ends too soon, and a beautiful case never has its day in the sun. Perhaps you were saving it for an elim debate you never got to or a specific opponent that tabroom just wouldn’t pair you up with.

This week, we’re celebrating all those unbroken positions. They may not ever win a debate round, but they’ll win our hearts in this Unbroken Case Contest! If you don’t want to submit, feel free to comment about your best unbroken case in the comments section below.

If you do choose to submit, send your favorite unbroken position from this season to PremierDebate[at] with the following format:

(1) Your Name, school, year

(2) A short description of why the case is so cool!

(3) Why you never got to read your case

(4) The amount of your case we can reproduce on this site if you win

(5) Your case attached

A small panel of judges from Premier will decide the winners!

There is no prize, only glory.