—From Salt Lake City, Utah—

Final Round

Congratulations to Greenhill’s Bennett Eckert for winning the 2016 NSDA Nationals tournament and to runner-up Priya Kukreja from Millard North! The decision was an 8-7 for Bennett.

Advancing to Round 7

Milan Amritraj
Ishan Bhatt
Yuqi Bian
Emma Bowen
Adam Koehler Brown
Grant Brown
Ariyani Challapalli
Drew Charters
Quinn Crawford
Holden d’Evegnee
Nicholas Dolinger
Nathan Dombrowski
Conor Downey
Daniel Driscoll
Aidan Dykstal
Bennett R. Eckert
Jordan Farenhem
Kyle Fennessy
Benjamin Fullerton
Nicholas Genna
Trent Gilbert
Ranpreet S. Gill
Austin Griffith
Logan Guthrie
Danielle Hallissey
Sonya Huang
Ethan Hunter
Parker James
Katie Justison
Lucas Kabela
Jess Keller
Vance J. Kelley
Kathryn Kenny
Aimun Khan
Ga-Eun Kim
Shankar Krishnan
Priya Kukreja
Amir Lankarani
Alex Laufer
Marcus Leong
Sonya Liu
Stephen Lowe
Grant Lu
Kevin Luo
Anthony Ma
John Michael Magloire
Sean Mason
Cameron McConway
Katherine Cecilia McDonagh
Colin McKay
Lindsey McNamara
Sam Mehlhaff
Cristian Meyer
David Min
Aram Moghaddassi
Omar H. Moore
Javier Navarrete
Eli Neal
Courtney Nilson
Sophia Ober
Casey Orvedal
Kevin O’Sullivan
Grant Pace
Gargi Pandey
Seungmin Park
Billy Qian
Sarah Rosenberg
Christy Russow
Kairi Sageshima
Natalie Schaller
Camryn Schmidt
Stephen Scopa
Roark Segler
Henry Smith
Theodore Steinmeyer
Jane Stephens
Tom Sweeney
Jessica Thomas
Conal Thomas-McGinnis
Arvind Veluvali
Jose Villafuerte
John Martin Weed
Tess Welch
Sebastian Williams
Jonah Wu
Kirk Wu

Tuesday Resolution Areas

1 In the United States, national service ought to be compulsory

2 The United States ought to implement a single payer health care system.

3 The United States government ought to significantly curtail the Commander-in-Chief powers of the President.

The United States government ought to significantly curtail the powers of the President as the Commander in Chief.

4 Capital punishment is immoral

5 The United States ought to expand free trade with foreign nations

6 In the United States, government sponsored gambling ought to be abolished.

7 Civil rights ought to be prioritized over national security

8 On balance, colleges and universities ought to prioritize providing “safe spaces” over the freedom of expression

9 In the United States, law enforcement ought to be subject to independent civilian oversight when lethal force is used.

The United States ought to restrict qualified immunity for police officers in cases involving the use of lethal force.

The United States ought to restrict the application of qualified immunity to police officers.

10 The United States ought to guarantee the right to (adequate) housing for its citizens.

11 Employees ought to have a civil right to unionize.

12 The US should accede to the International Criminal Court

The United States ought to accede to the Law of the Sea

13 The United States ought to end its provision of arms to foreign military organizations.

14 The United States ought to establish price controls for pharmaceutical drugs.

The United States ought to abolish intellectual property protections for life-saving medicines.

The United States ought to abolish intellectual property protections for genetic resources.

15 The United States ought to increase space exploration beyond the Earth’s mesosphere.

16 In the United States, public colleges and universities ought to be tuition free.

17 The United States ought to ban the use of non-human animals in medical testing.

18 The United States ought to substantially increase its public infrastructure spending

19 The United States ought to require the increased use of renewable energy sources

The United States ought to phase out the burning of fossil fuels for the production of energy

In matters of environmental regulation, societies ought to expand protections for the interests of future people

In matters of environmental regulation, the welfare of future generations ought to be prioritized over the rights of present people



Round 1 – 9:00am

Round 2 – 11:30am

Round 3 – 2:00pm

Round 4 – 4:00pm


Round 5 – 8:00am

Round 6 – 10:00am

Only teams with 8 or more prelim ballots advance

Round 7 – 2:00pm

Round 8 – 4:00pm


Round 9 – 8:00am

Round 10 – 11:00am

Round 11 – 2:00pm

Round 12 – 5:00pm


Round 13 – 8:00am

Round 14 – 10:00am

Round 15 – 12:00pm

Round 16 – 1:30pm


Finals – 4:00pm

National Awards Assembly – 6:30pm

For those attending, we encourage you to post your codes below so those around the country can follow along!