Finalist Interviews

Tori Qiu (Millard North TQ)

Question: What does it feel like to debate a semifinals round? Is it nervous, exciting, or a combination of both? What does it feel like to close out a tournament after all that stress/hard work?
Tori Qiu: The buildup before semifinals was nerve-racking but once the round actually began, I was just focused on debating. Closing out with Priya meant a lot because I’ve looked up to her since novice year and she’s been so influential to debate, but we were mostly just excited to get a Facebook shoutout from Lauren Burdt.

Q: Was there a particular round you debated at this tournament in which you really enjoyed the argument interaction/clash in?
TQ: I really enjoyed the argument interaction in both rounds against Kyle Kopf because it was refreshing to have an engaging debate against a position that someone was passionate about and that forced both sides to think critically instead of hitting the court clog disad for the tenth time.

Q: What do you think best prepared you for this tournament?
TQ: Since the judging pool at this tournament was so diverse, having multiple versions of each case was helpful. It gave us the flexibility to adapt our arguments, strategy, and speed according to the judge. Another thing that helped was having answers to generic disads on the topic because they seemed like a popular negative strategy.

Main Tournament

Round 1

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Round 2

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Round 3

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Round 4

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Round 5

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Round 6

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Round 7

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Speaker Awards

  1. Trent Gilbert (West Des Moines Valley TG)
  2. Siena Cabbage (West Des Moines Valley SC)
  3. Priya Kukreja (Millard North PK)
  4. Conal Thomas-McGinnis (West Des Moines Valley CT)
  5. Namitha Alexander (Brookfield East NA)
  6. Kyle Kopf (West Des Moines Valley KK)
  7. Sophia Kuriscak (STA/Vis SK)
  8. Rafael Li (Brookfield East RL)
  9. Alex Plum (Whitefish Bay AP)
  10. Danny Frank-Siegel (Evanston Township DF)

Partial Octafinals

Whitefish Bay AP def. Appleton East SM (Smith, Singh, Haselow)
Millard North PK def. Chesterton KB (Stumbris, McGinnis, Larson)
Millard North TQ def. West Des Moines Valley KK (Smith, Moorhead, Ahlstrom)
West Des Moines Valley TG def. Whitefish Bay RD (Wu, Vrana, Herrera)
Evanston Township DF def. Brookfield East NA (Shehab, Sanders, Lepien)
West Des Moines Valley CT walked over West Des Moines Valley AC (Bye)
West Des Moines Valley SC (Bye)
West Des Moines Valley CR (Bye)


Whitefish Bay AP def. West Des Moines Valley CR (Wu, Lindsay, Larson)
Millard North PK def. West Des Moines Valley CT (Vrana, Moorhead, Anania)
Millard North TQ def. West Des Moines Valley TG (Sexton, Sanders, Haselow)
Evanston Township DF def. West Des Moines Valley SC (Stumbris, Jugovic, Carlson)


Millard North PK def. Evanston Township DF (Berger, Hermberg, Willems-Solc)
Millard North TQ def. Whitefish Bay AP (Anania, McGinnis, Scheffler)


Priya Kukreja (Millard North PK) and Tori Qiu (Millard North TQ) close out.

Shailja Somani