Finalist Interviews

Barry He (Palo Alto BH), Finalist

Question: What was your favorite position that you read at this tournament?
BH: I would have to say that my favorite position by far is excommunication… @ Nigel Ward what a good coach

Q: What did you find the hardest case to answer?
BH: Immaculate Heart’s prison aff. It’s a pretty small aff so a lot of good generics don’t apply and the topicality debate will be prepped.

Q: What tournament are you most looking forward to next?
BH: It’s a while from now, but Stanford is around a ten minute bike ride so I’m looking forward to not having to travel.

Main Tournament

Round 1

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Round 2

Pairings | Results

Round 3

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Round 4

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Round 5

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Round 6

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Speaker Awards

  1. Kenzo Okazaki (Rowland Hall-St. Mark’s KO)
  2. Evan Engel (Harvard-Westlake EE)
  3. Spencer Paul (Harvard-Westlake SP)
  4. Julia Cosgrove (Harvard-Westlake JC)
  5. Jacob Kunzler (Sky View JK)
  6. Varun Paranjpe (Mountain View VP)
  7. Whitman Howard (East WH)
  8. Alexandra Mork (Harvard-Westlake AM)
  9. Vishan Chaudhary (Harvard-Westlake VC)
  10. Ashwin Bhat (Sunset AB)


Harvard-Westlake AM def. Eagle LB (Overing, Montreuil, Chang)
Marlborough ZW def. East WH (Scoggin, Harris, Ellis)
Palo Alto CF def. Loyola NT (Olsen, Bemis, Alderete)
Lynbrook NA def. Del Mar/Torrey Pines FK (Olsen, Bemis, Alderete)
Harvard-Westlake VC def. Karl G. Maeser Prep JH (Torson, Nielson, Letak)
Immaculate Heart DD def. Harvard-Westlake SK (Wetsel, Torson, Marr)
Palo Alto BH def. Loyola DWi (Wetsel, Marr, Fife)
San Marino KW def. Rowland Hall-St. Mark’s KO (Phung, Overing, Fife)
Kent Denver DT def. Cypress Bay SD (Nussenzveig, Lamb, Fabiano)
Marlborough GK def. Mountain View GH (Lamb, Chang, Bietz)
Sunset AB def. Meadows ER (Pung, Peiris, Fee)
Harvard-Westlake MG def. Sky View JK (Peiris, Liu, Inglet)
Mountain View VP def. Albuquerque HB (Olsen, Harris, Chapman)
Hendrick Hudson MG def. Harvard-Westlake LM (Rogers, Inglet, Amestoy)
Harvard-Westlake SP def. Malborough AJ (Rogers, Nielson, Amestoy)
Harvard-Westlake EE def. Albany EK (Montreuil, Letak, Fee)


Palo Alto BH walked over Palo Alto CF (Bye)
Harvard-Westlake EE walked over Harvard-Westlake MG (Bye)
Harvard-Westlake SP def. Marlborough ZW (Overing, Chang, Alderete)
Kent Denver DT def. Harvard-Westlake AM (Letak, Inglet, Fabiano)
Immaculate Heart DD def. Harvard-Westlake VC (Torson, Fee, Amestoy)
Mountain View VP def. Marlborough GK (Scoggin, Olsen, Harris)
Sunset AB def. San Marino KW (Phillips, Peiris, Olsen)
Hendrick Hudson MG def. Lynbrook NA (Phung, Lamb, Bemis)


Palo Alto BH def. Harvard-Westlake SP (Inglet, Chang, Amestoy)
Kent Denver DT def. Immaculate Heart DD (Worley, Lamb, Ellis)
Mountain View VP def. Sunset AB (Phung, Joseph, Fife)
Harvard-Westlake EE def. Hendrick Hudson MG (Torson, Smith, Letak)


Palo Alto BH def. Kent Denver DT (Fife, Bemis, Amestoy)
Harvard-Westlake EE def. Mountain View VP (Letak, Lamb, Inglet)


Harvard-Westlake EE def. Palo Alto BH (Inglet, Joseph, Lamb)


Evan Engel (Harvard-Westlake EE)

Scouting Report

Bid Level: Quarterfinals
Entries: 156 (As of 11/22)
Last Year’s Finals: Harvard-Westlake CE and Harvard-Westlake IP closed out.

Debaters with Bids (As of 11/22):
Harvard-Westlake EE (4)
Harvard-Westlake SP (1)
Harvard-Westlake VC (1)
Hendrick Hudson MG (1)
Immaculate Heart DD (1)
Sunset AB (1)

Shailja Somani