Finalist Interviews

Trent Gilbert (West Des Moines Valley TG), Closed Out & 2nd Seed

Question:What does it feel like to debate so many rounds in 2 days? Is it exhausting or does the adrenaline kick in? What does it feel like to close out with so many of your teammates after that?
Trent Gilbert:While I was debating at the tournament, it didn’t feel like too much, but after finishing everything it felt like a lot because it started Friday at 4 pm and ended by Saturday at 5 pm. Closing out with so many of my teammates made it feel entirely worth it though, especially seeing some incredibly well-deserved teammates receive their first bid in part due to the team effort.

Q: What was your favorite position that you read at this tournament?
TG: My favorite position was probably the sentiments NC I was reading, but the PNC NC (Principle of Non Contradiction) was a close second.

Q: Who’s your favorite judge and why?
TG: I think I align most ideologically with our coaching staff and other WDM Valley graduates, but I’d have to say Dani Rose Reyes is my favorite judge because she does a great job judging a wide spread of debates and loves it when debaters pref her.

Main Tournament

Round 1

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Round 2

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Round 3

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Round 4

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Round 5

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Round 6

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Partial Octafinals

West Des Moines Valley CR def. Jefferson City MM (Jackson, Welter, Noethe)
Millard North TQ def. Evanston HS (White, Power, Shmikler)


West Des Moines Valle SC walks over West Des Moines Valle MS (Bye)
West Des Moines Valle CT walks over West Des Moines Valle EM (Bye)
West Des Moines Valle TF walks over West Des Moines Valle CR (Bye)
West Des Moines Valley TG def. Millard North TQ (Mayes, Power, Noethe)


West Des Moines Valle TF, West Des Moines Valle SC, West Des Moines Valle TG, and West Des Moines Valle CT close out.

Scouting Report

Bid Level: Semifinals
Entries: 34 (As of 12/8)
Debaters With Bids (As of 12/8):
Millard North PK (2)
Millard North TQ (1)
West Des Moines Valley TG (3)
West Des Moines Valley CT (2)
West Des Moines Valley EM (2)
West Des Moines Valley TF (2)

Shailja Somani