I hereby challenge Tom Evnen, Terrence Lonam, Dave McGinnis, and/or Martin Sigalow to a public debate on disclosure via any reasonable format (written or oral). By my estimation, these are the four most prominent coaches who consistently and egregiously violate standard disclosure norms. While each coach swims against the tide in his own way, I propose that we center the debate on one or more of the following resolutions (I’m aff):

  • #1 Resolved: Debaters should flip for sides when the pairing is released.
  • #2 Resolved: Debaters should disclose citations, tags, and first three/last three on the NDCA wiki.
  • #3 Resolved: Debaters should disclose which aff they plan on reading when the pairing is released.
  • #4 Resolved: Judges should vote on disclosure theory arguments when won.

I’ll also debate #1-3 with the phrase “Coaches should encourage their debaters to” substituted for “Debaters should.”

I await your response!

End Notes

[1] Okay, so it’s not exactly ‘the holidays’ anymore, but I don’t go back to school until tomorrow, so it’s still the holidays for me!

[2] Hyperlinks to the last three disclosure posts: #1, #2, and #3.



Bob Overing | Co-Director

Bob is a co-director of Premier, coach for Walt Whitman HS, and current Yale Law School student. As a senior in high school, he was ranked #1, earned 11 bids and took 2nd at TOC. In college, he cleared at CEDA and qualified to the NDT. His students have earned 80 career bids, reached TOC finals, and won many championships.