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Defining and Debating A Prioris (Noah Simon)

“What is an a priori anyway?” Noah Simon asks and answers the basic definitional question while presenting a nuanced distinction between two types of a prioris. His distinction provides insight into how debaters and theorists should approach a prioris moving forward.

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Premier Scholars #2

We are excited to announce that our next $1000 scholarship will be awarded to the best performing non-senior in elimination rounds at the Apple Valley tournament. Previously Drew Burd of Westlake High School and Nolan Burdett of Dulles were awarded […]

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The Premier Debate Scholarship Award

Join us in congratulating the first winners of The Premier Debate Scholarship Award – Westlake’s Drew Burd and Dulles’s Nolan Burdett – based on their performance at the Greenhill Fall Classic.

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