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2015-16 Tournament Toughness

Take a look at this data compiled by Tim Alderete on the competitor quality at various tournaments in 2014-15

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Premier Debate Top 25 Judge Rankings

Who are the best LD judges in the country?

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NSDA Announces New Topic: Right to be Forgotten

The NSDA released the November/December topic this morning and it reads: Resolved: The “right to be forgotten” from Internet searches ought to be a civil right.

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Full Strat Disclosure #1: Ryan Teehan’s Korsgaard Aff

Welcome to the first edition of Full Strat Disclosure. The goal of this project is to provide a free place to discuss and learn strategy from some of the best.

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New Framework File Resource–Introducing The Value Criterion

Check out The Value Criterion (, a new educational resource for the Lincoln-Douglas community!

What is this site? The Value Criterion is a project that provides debaters with…

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