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Looking to Coach

Name: Nathan Cha

Location: NYC

I debated LD for 3 years at Randolph High School in New Jersey. I qualified to the TOC my senior and finished as an octafinalist. I was also a finalist at the Penn Round Robin and quarterfinalist at Harvard. I have worked at debate camps for the past two summers and am well qualified to coach any debater who wishes to reach a high level of success. I am looking to coach a few debaters or a program before I leave the debate community. I am willing to negotiate price and specific coaching responsibilities. Email me at nathan.cha00@[at] if you are interested or want to ask any questions.

Name: Tom Kadie

Location: Northern California

I debated LD for two years at Miramonte High School where I reached late outrounds of Voices, CPS, Meadows among other tournaments. I qualified to the TOC my junior and senior years and ultimately had a winning record at the TOC my senior year. I’m willing to travel based on the costs.

Job responsibilities can be discussed: I have worked on writing cases and prep, doing drills/discussing strategy over skype, and providing advice at tournaments. The price can also be discussed. If you are interested, my email is tmakadeb[at] Thanks.

Name: Connor Davis

Location: Michigan

I am looking for a few students to take on. I qualified to the TOC my senior year, and acquired a deep level of understanding of the game that I’d like to pass on. I’d like to coach students who are serious about improving and winning on the national circuit. I offer services as a drill coach, where I’d help you drill, revise cases, and teach you concepts and strategy.

Message me if you have any questions or would like to discuss pricing at

Name: Charles Wanless

Location: Southwest (CA, AZ)

My name is Charles Wanless, I’m from Phoenix, Arizona but I am relocating to Los Angeles, California this October to pursue my career in audio. Like last year, I will be offering my coaching and judging services for a limited number of students and/or schools.

I have been involved with LD debate on the local and national level for going-on 7 years now, and my students have won State tournaments across the country, bid to TOC, been invited to Invitational Round Robin tournaments, and qualified as well as cleared multiple times at NFL (sorry, I meant NSDA) Nationals. (Last year I coached 2/3rds of Arizona’s LD qualifiers as well as the first alternate.) My students have been located in Arizona, California, Massachusetts, Iowa, Virginia, New York, Missouri, Texas, and more. I travel multiple times a year to TOC bid tournaments, and I have no problem reasonably traveling when desired.

I specialize in Theory, Kritikal arguments, and judge adaptation. If you’re looking to run creative and strategic cases and learn how to articulate any argument in front of any judge, I’m your guy.

I offer multiple levels of service depending on your needs and your budget. I will never (and never have) turn a student away because they can’t afford to pay me a ton of money. For schools, I offer judging and coaching services for teams located in the LA metro area (starting October 2014) and will travel or act as chaperone when sufficient advance notice is given. For students, I offer on-site coaching for those in the LA metro area (starting October 2014) and online coaching for any student in the United States. Please contact me with questions!

Prices are negotiable depending on your budget and needs.

Contact me if you are interested:



Name: Josh Roberts

Location: Houston, TX

I debated for four years at Northland Christian School in Houston, Texas. I won the Bronx Round Robin, Glenbrooks, the Victory Briefs tournament, NDCA, the Iowa Round Robin, Grapevine and the National Forensics tournament. I was a finalist at Apple Valley, and finished 3rd at the Glenbrooks my Junior year. As a sophomore, I finished 3rd at Emory and was the first sophomore in the history of the MBA Round Robin to finish in the Top 5, where I placed 4th. Finally, I was an octofinalist at the TOC my junior and senior year.

I am looking to coach a student (or two) who is interested in competing at the national level. I am located in Houston, so I will be able to travel to all of the major tournaments in Texas, and would be willing to travel out of state depending on costs. In terms of job responsibilities, I love to cut cards so I will be involved in that process, as well as developing cases, blocks etc. I would also be available to help with strategy, or any other questions you may have. Price is negotiable. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at Thanks!

Name: Steven Adler

Description: I am looking to coach no more than two students for the upcoming debate season. In the past three years, I have coached 9 different students to qualify to the TOC, including the 2012 TOC Champion. My students have also won championships at Greenhill, Bronx Science, and a host of other bid tournaments. As a debater (Mercer Island ’11), I set the all-time record for most TOC bids in one season, including championships at Stanford, Berkeley, and several others. This is likely my final season coaching debate. As such, I want to work with students who are serious about improving, particularly in terms of strategy and understanding of debate rounds. If you are interested, please contact me at sjadler2004 AT gmail DOT com.

Name: Samir Reddy

Description: Hi All, I debated for four years at Brophy College Prep. I received 5 bids to the ToC, and I have one year of coaching experience with Brophy. I can give you more credentials if we talk. I now work a part-time job and go to school full-time, but I would like to still be involved with debate. I think I can teach pretty much any style of debate except critical debate. I do also have policy friends who are well versed in this style that we can consult with if it becomes a major issue we need to prep for. I will come really cheap, but I will also be pretty stringent about who I will take on. I would like to coach someone or a group of kids (don’t have to be from the same school as long as you are willing to share prep) who are committed to qualifying to the ToC. This means that the student(s) will be attending a minimum of four bid tournaments and are at least a sophomore. You also have to be okay with me not being available on command. I will be reasonable about major tournaments coming up and the like, but I just can’t be available 24/7. I won’t cut cards, and I can’t be an on-site coach/judge in most cases. The final two things:
1. You have to be someone I can bull**it with. Coaching debate is boring when all that’s talked about is debate.
2. Winning needs to be priority #1, and you need to be a hard worker. I will have no shame quitting in the middle of the year if you start to dgaf.  email me at if you are interested.

Name: Rebar Niemi

Location: Washington/ West Coast

Job Description: I have taught @ NSD and TDC in the past. I have coached TOC qualifiers and TOC outrounds participants and once was one myself. My interests are: identity politics, “high theory,” and what debate can be as a liminal experience. I believe that good debating ultimately is practice for being a good person and sorcerer in your own life. I typically under charge but am sort of picky about what kind of debater I’d like to work with. Although I can be convinced by sufficient passion. If you are interested in discussing terms further or contacting me:

Name: Daniel Selman

Location: Alabama

Job Description: I’m Daniel Selman. I debated for four years at Vestavia Hills High School, qualifying my senior year and finishing with a winning record at TOC. I am about to begin my sophomore year at the University of Alabama. I’ve worked at NSD and SNFI the last two summers. I’m open to coaching individual students or teams. Last year my students reached outrounds of Valley, St Marks, Ohio Valley, Isadore Newman, Emory, and Vestavia Hills, attaining bids at Ohio Valley, Isadore Newman, and Vestavia. I’m the man for the job if you’re looking for a coach to help with strategic casing, framework, tricks, and theory. Pricing is negotiable. I’d also be down to fulfill judging obligations and do onsite coaching at tournaments as well. Email me at if you have any questions or want references from prior students.

Name: Regan Grishaber

Location: Illinois

Job Description: Some background about me: I debated LD for 2 years at Aliso Niguel High School in California, starting my junior year. My senior year I earned 6 bids to the ToC between Harker, Bronx, Meadows, Lexington, VBT, and Berkeley. Most notably, I championed Harker, reached finals of VBT, and concluded my career in semifinals of ToC. I have worked at debate camps for the last three summers now and believe I have the qualifications and experience necessary to improve any debater to the highest level of competition. I also believe that my late start with debate makes me an ideal coach for debaters who feel they have limited time and are seeking immediate success. Job responsibilities are negotiable; in the past, my coaching has consisted of writing/editing cases and blocks, doing drills via Skype, and generally providing strategic advice. I’m also available to travel throughout the year to various tournaments to fulfill judging obligations and provide additional on-site coaching.  Lastly, price is certainly negotiable. Please contact me if you’re interested or have any questions—my e-mail is Thanks!


Further inquiries should be emailed to premierdebate [at]