In-Season Jobs

Brief Writer

Premier Debate seeks brief writers for the 2017-18 season, primarily focused on the November/December, January/February, and March/April LD debate topics. Applicants must have graduated high school and have experience debating or coaching in LD and/or policy. Strong applicants will demonstrate effective research skills and competency in Verbatim. General or specific area writers (e.g. policy arguments, moral philosophy, or kritiks) may apply. Standard pay. Apply here.

Assistant Webmaster Internship

Premier Debate seeks an Assistant Webmaster for the 2017-18 debate season. Our web content team reports tournament results, solicits web content, edits articles and posts, and suggests creative changes to Premier Debate’s online presence. The team is also responsible for maintaining our blog series “The Meta,” “Debate for All,” etc. Strong applicants are college students (but high school students may also apply) with interests in social media, web development, community-building and/or marketing. Position is unpaid. Apply here.

Regional Recruiter

Premier Debate seeks regional recruiters for the 2017-18 debate season. Tasks of recruiters may include talking to students about Premier at tournaments and online, distributing merchandise to students, and contacting coaches. Pay is determined by performance. Involvement in the recruitment process greatly enhances one’s application for a summer teaching job. Apply here.

Curriculum Developer

Premier Debate is committed to continual improvement of our summer curriculum. To that end, we have a team working on refining our day-to-day camp schedule, lecture and drill notes, and novice/middle school curriculum. We are always open to adding educators to the team to assist in these essential tasks. Often our curriculum developers also teach in the summer, but that needn’t be the case for this in-season job. Successful applicants will be coaches or teachers with experience working with debaters of varying skill levels and interests. Pay is determined by job performance. Apply here.

Summer Jobs

Fill out this form to be considered for a staff position at Premier 2018. Spots are limited, so apply early to have the best chance!

All future Premier institutes will maintain the following structure:

Executive Directors

John Scoggin and Bob Overing are the executive directors tasked primarily with the running of the camp. You can read more about them on the faculty page.

Chief Curriculum Director

This year, Premier is accepting applications for a new directorial role. The chief curriculum director works with the executive and curriculum directors to develop, design, and refine Premier curriculum. This broad task includes evaluating elective lecture suggestions, fine-tuning the camp schedule, reviewing student applications and dividing labs, providing feedback to lecturers, and helping to run the camp tournament. Applicants for this position will undergo an additional interview process.

Curriculum Directors

The curriculum directors are the highest level of lecturing staff. They have years of experience in teaching summer institutes. Their role is to assist John and Bob in creating the camp schedule, assessing student diagnostic results, developing the core curriculum and overseeing the functioning of the camp to achieve the goals of Premier. They have a larger lecturing duty than senior lecturing staff, especially in teaching their specialty area.

Senior Lecturing Staff

The senior lecturing staff have taught for at least one summer prior and now have an expanded role in teaching both core curriculum and elective lectures. They are expected to ultimately follow the direction of the curriculum directors, but their insight and input is highly valued. They know the ropes and will assist in guiding the junior lecturing staff.

Junior Lecturing Staff

The junior lecturing staff are in their first summer of teaching. Their role is to give elective lectures in line with their expertise, to assist in the running of labs, and to learn to teach to achieve the goals of Premier. Since they have no administrative responsibilities, they are expected to give the most individual attention to the students on a daily basis.

We are now offering a directorial track for junior lecturing staff. The position is a commitment from Premier to train and develop these instructors in preparation for a future role in directing curriculum for the camp and a commitment from the staff member to form an on-going relationship with Premier.

Non-Lecturing Staff

We have several positions for non-lecturing staff members that can be thought of as internships at Premier. Non-lecturing staff may be involved in any number of the following: judging debates, assisting with social media and online presence, day-to-day administrative duties, helping students during office hours and work time, supervising students, being available in the dorms, and maybe giving an elective lecture. They are not involved in the labs. These staff members enjoy a full meal plan and individual dorm room for the duration of the session.