This page is built to create an enduring location for independent debaters.


We want to foster discussions about upcoming tournaments and connect debaters to each other, to tournament directors and to teams that can facilitate their needs.

Post here about an upcoming tournament…

– if you are looking for housing or can provide housing

– if you need help with transportation or can provide transportation

– if you want to know if a certain tournament accepts independent entries

– if you want to know how to register for a certain tournament

– if you are running a tournament that accepts independent entries

– if you want to get in contact with a team in your area

– if you are looking for judging or can provide judging for a tournament

– if you are looking for coaching or can provide coaching

– if you want to get in touch with other independent debaters going to the tournament

Online Resources

Here we’ll post available resources online. Eventually, we want the Debate for All series to be comprehensive, but in the meantime, how are independent debaters learning about LD? Are there accessible or free video series or introductory handbooks online? What other resources can Premier Debate provide?

Your thoughts here
  1. Hey everyone!

    I’m an LD coach for Loyola High School in Los Angeles and I’d like to invite anyone, independent, lone wolf or otherwise, to come do practice debates with us. We usually go from when school ends at 2:15 to 5 on Tuesday and to 7:30 or 8 on Wednesday. We can also make Thursday work, but that’s usually for novice practice. Debaters of all skill levels are welcome! Previously, we’ve held practice debates against Immaculate Heart, Flintridge Sacred Heart, John Marshall, and La Reina.

    Please contact me on facebook or e-mail Nick Rogers, our LD captain, at mnicholasrogers[at]

  2. If I attend a tournament as an independent, am I still able to input nsda points for that tournament?

    • Yes, you should still be able to enter points. The only thing I could see complicating these entries (of points) would be if your coach / institution did not support you going to the tournament in the first place. Other than that, you still competed and are worthy of the points.

  3. Is there a list anywhere of tournaments that generally accept lone wolf entries?

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