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Drill of the Week – Framework Refutation

Drills and practice debates are the best way to improve your rebuttals! Click for instructions and pointers.

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Expanding the Scope of Intuitions by Bob Overing

Bob discusses how we might use intuitions in LD theory debates.

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Debate For All: Framework Preparation

Framework Preparation Jargon Frontlines – These are pre-written responses against common objections to your case. Out – An out is just an argument you can leverage heavily to win a particular layer without too much discomfort. Word Economy – To […]

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Debate For All: Learning Philosophy

Learning Philosophy The path towards improving at framework debate is straightforward since millennia of philosophers have already done the heavy lifting. Reading a few of their books will push you far above the average circuit debater. While reading philosophy is […]

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Ethical Modesty Part 1 by Bob Overing and Adam Bistagne

This is an introduction to the argument on “epistemic modesty” or “maximizing expected value.” Adam and Bob cover philosophical and theoretical justifications.

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New Framework File Resource–Introducing The Value Criterion

Check out The Value Criterion (, a new educational resource for the Lincoln-Douglas community!

What is this site? The Value Criterion is a project that provides debaters with…

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